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(Incr)edible Barks

Our barks don't bark, they consist of a base batter (from whole grains, vegetables and fruit) enlivened by herbs, spices, seeds and chunks of fruit, veggies and other yummy ingredients. They are made into rectangular crunchy sheets of wholesomeness, then broken into irregular pieces that go into your pack. 

Eat as your lunch between meetings or on a plane, add to your kids' lunch box, bring to a dinner party with friends, break with your kung fu master, take on a sailing trip, throw in your workout bag, crunch while walking through the desert, or... feed your camel, there are many ways to enjoy them. 

What is different from other snacks? They offer a balanced nutrition with a good mix of macro-nutrients, in other words they are neither sugar nor fat bombs, not mentioning fried fat bombs! This can be useful when trying to manage blood sugar balance for example. Also our barks are not packed in tiny bags and offer enough nutrition for one meal: 75g of freeze-dried barks are equivalent to (and made from) approximately 300g of whole foods, and contain about 300 kcal. Just don't forget to drink - water!