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Eat for health, taste and joy!

100% whole foods kitchen ingredients 0% artificial anything


Key Ingredients: Coconut meat & water, Quinoa, Medjool Dates, lentils, seeds, and curry (Full list in the product page)

Kimchi Crunch

Key Ingredients: Freshly made Kimchi, Teff Flour, Seeds (Full list in the product page)

Seaside Power

Key Ingredients: Kelp, Nori, and Arame seaweeds, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Daikon Radish,  Onion, (Full list in the product page)

Made with health in mind

The Polar Camel wants clean and nourishing wholesome food. She reads ingredient lists and labels and is very often surprised by the number of additives, preservatives and dubious ingredients, sometimes shown, sometimes hidden. Most of the time she would cook at home using quality fresh ingredients. When this is not an option, she prefers well preserved quality food with nothing added or taken away. Due diligence on preservation methods showed her that freeze-drying was the ideal solution. She now applies it to her original homemade style recipes entirely prepared with plant-based whole foods – seeds, whole grains, veggies, fruits, herbs and spices, all clear kitchen ingredients. 

The results are delicious crunchy bites that can be enjoyed as snacks, and are also balanced enough to be eaten as meals.Many things happen to what we eat, many things are added that will not always serve us, and many things that could have served us disappear. We, as consumers, can gather the knowledge to understand what we eat and make decisions that support our health and our environment. We have the power to vote with our forks and to influence the food industry for our wellbeing and future. The Polar Camel wants to serve and accompany people who care about food and health.

Why all our products are freeze-dried

Freeze-drying is a cold process that consists in freezing and then dehydrating by creating a low-pressure vacuum (think space vacuum!). This transforms the water from a solid state in the frozen food directly to a vapor state without going through a liquid one. Imagine an ice cube vaporized without seeing water. 

This is called sublimation. A cool name to describe the mere change in a physical state, as this is not a chemical reaction!What is also cool is that nutrients and flavours are retained for a long time, without the need for preservatives or additives. 

Compared to other dehydration techniques, even some used in raw food preparation, this one does not involve heat, which can have a destructive impact on some nutrients and compounds. For example, vitamin C is very sensitive to processes, and we have confirmed ourselves through lab tests that while it totally disappeared from cooked and dehydrated samples, vitamin C was perfectly preserved with freeze-drying.