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Sea, Land and Air Bundle Pack

900 Grams of fresh produce turned into 3 packs of freeze dried wholesome food.





What's inside?

Kimchi Crunch 

Without fish sauce, our kimchi is vegan-friendly.In our original kimchi pancake recipe that is free of any white flour or animal products, we use flax seeds, teff and buckwheat flours. Teff is a fine ancient grain that is naturally gluten-free and is rich in iron and fiber. Buckwheat is a gluten-free fruit seed, it is not a nut, yet it has a nutty flavour. Quite poorly named as it is not a grain, it is not wheat, and it is not a buck! Nuts. 


A crunchy, delicious and nutritious freeze-dried blend of coconut, quinoa, seeds and sprouted lentils that will bring you a balanced mix of nutrients and fibers. Quinoa is one of the rare sources of complete proteins, with all essential amino acids, and is a naturally gluten-free seed. Coconuts, unlike us, are not nuts! Their meat is a source of fibers, and their water a source of electrolytes. 

Seaside Power 

Three types of seaweeds join forces in this delicious and nutritious alliance between Asian and Western cuisines. Baked in a quinoa and buckwheat pancake, the result is a crunchy freeze-dried bark with daikon radish, caramelised onions, dates and seeds. With minerals such as iodine, potassium, magnesium, and no added sugar or frying involved, this original recipe is healthy, yet satisfying and full of umami!

100% whole foods 100% vegan

More than plant-based, plant-ONLY

WHAT IS Freeze-Drying?

Freeze-drying is a physical transformation, not a chemical one. It is a cold process that consists in freezing and dehydrating by creating a vacuum. This way, water is removed by sublimation, vaporised directly from a frozen state. No heat involved, unlike other dehydrating processes, and no chemicals added. Nutrients & flavours are retained for a long time, without the need for preservatives or additives. On average, weight is reduced by 75% between fresh and freeze-dried food, creating crunchy and nutrient-dense barks.

Considered discovered by the Peruvian Incas who were letting potatoes freeze at night and removing their water content by stomping them with their bare feet, the technology was really developed in the twentieth century as a way to preserve medicine drugs, in particular from WWII for blood plasma and penicillin, and food for astronauts. No more bare foot involved!

How We Make our barks

1. Choosing the best ingredients

All the ingredients are fresh, organic when relevant, i.e. a vast majority of them, as local as possible with no compromise on quality. Plants only, no strange secret ingredients!

2. Preparing our original recipes

Designed by our food architect who is also a health coach, our recipes are nutritious and delicious with no dubious additives, lab products or preservatives. They are unique and inspire health.

3. Freeze Drying

It is purely a physical transformation, no chemicals, no heat, no surprises. We use our own state of the art equipment.

4. Regular lab testing

We undertake regular lab tests with Intertek to check pesticides and heavy metals in addition to normal bacteriological tests. This ensures there are no gaps left from sourcing.

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